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Title: Physico-chemical Aspects of Textile Coloration.
Authors: Burkinshaw, Stephen M.
Keywords: Dyes and dyeing;Textile fibers;Textile industries
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Society of Dyers and Colorists
Abstract: Physico-Chemical Aspects of Textile Coloration provides a comprehensive treatment of the physical chemistry involved in the dyeing of the major types of natural, man-made and synthetic fibres with the principal types of dye. The book covers: -fundamental aspects of the physical and chemical structure of both fibres and dyes, together with the structure and properties of water, in relation to dyeing; -dyeing as an area of study as well as the terminology employed in dyeing technology and science; -contemporary views of intermolecular forces and the nature of the interactions that can occur between dyes and fibres at a molecular level; -fundamental principles involved in dyeing theory, as represented by the thermodynamics and kinetics of dye sorption; -detailed accounts of the mechanism of dyeing that applies to cotton (and other cellulosic fibres), polyester, polyamide, wool, polyacrylonitrile and silk fibres; -non-aqueous dyeing, as represented by the use of air, organic solvents and supercritical CO2 fluid as alternatives to water as application medium.
Description: 634p.
ISBN: 978-1-118-72569-6
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